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Enjoy stylish comfort that fits YOU by your

experienced designer in London.

We keep you in a comfortable style with natural fabrics since 2003 in London. The comfort and use of materials can be seen as a distinguished style as a signature in our designs.
They come in a size and shape, especially for you to show your style to the world.
So let’s begin by finding a comfortable, easy-to-wear style from our catalogue to start fitting it to you or come with your dream dress ideas and let them come to life for you and for you only.
Habibe Acikgoz


New Designs

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    Bold & Beautiful is a bespoke collection of clothing separates designed for mixing and matching. Each piece incorporates flowing, elegant lines that skim the body to create a bold, dramatic and flattering silhouette.
    The designs of Habibe Acikgoz suit all ages, taking as they do elements of traditional dress from the Ottoman empire and using them to embellish garments which appeal to women around the world.
    This book shows how these beautiful clothes are as easy to make as they are to wear patterns can be printed out in the relevant size from the CD, and the straightforward step-by-step instructions can be followed in the book.

    Chapter one offers inspirational ideas on how to combine the clothes you have made to create stunning outfits.

    Chapter two describes how to make the garments, with easy-to-follow instructions. Chapter three offers a step-by-step guide to the techniques you will need. The final chapter contains scaled-down versions of all the pattern pieces for each garment.


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Pam Galloway

I loved my dress and wore it Christmas Day. Would love to have more made so please let me know when possible.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and may I wish you a peaceful New Year.

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